Canyon Clouds/Fog

This past July (2015), we had decided to go the the Grand Canyon to meander and enjoy the scenery… of course with our cameras at hand. You have to be ready for anything! So off we go. As we got closer, we noticed there were clouds but we never dreamed we would encounter something so AWEsome. Our first view getting into the national park was a little foggy but as we drove further in… holy mackerel it got thick! Thank God I wasn’t driving! LOL We finally got to a parking spot safe and sound and this is what we found…
Bench at a foggy Grand Canyon in the spring of 2015

Leaning Tree at a foggy Grand Canyon in the spring of 2015

On the other side of that stone wall is the canyon… can you tell?  This location is very near the El Tovar.  It was amazing and very eerie to say the least.  The next picture shows the edge of the cliff looking into a cloudy, foggy abyss.
Over the rock wall at the Grand Canyon looking into the cloudy, foggy abyss.

Here’s where we get some perspective of the situation!  The next picture is a view I copied from Google Maps with the same rock formation… NO Cloudy Fog…
Google Maps view over the wall with no fog.If that don’t curl your toes I don’t know what will.  LOL

Ok, so on to the rest of the day… so behind us is the El Tovar Hotel which was also very eerie in this cloud/fog.
El Tovar Hotel at the Grand Canyon in the spring of 2015
And here are a couple of photos on the porch…
Black and white chair facing a foggy window at the El Tovar Hotel

A chair facing a foggy window with lamp post at the El Tovar Hotel

Later, we moved on to another area of the canyon called Mathers Point. It was in the afternoon by then and a lot of tourists had gathered. Most were complaining because they had traveled so far to see the canyon and it was full of clouds. Here is what they got to take away with them… at first.
View of the Grand Canyon full of clouds at Mathers Point

As you can see… it was FULL of clouds… literally. You can barely see the other side of the canyon. I thought it was simply awesome but the tourists did not. Some left very upset. If only they had stuck around for about an hour or so they would have seen this…
After the clouds lifted at Mathers Point Grand Canyon
Ya… breath taking isn’t it. To all those tourists that missed their chance… this picture is for you.

Here’s another view to give some perspective for those of you who have never seen the Grand Canyon.  As a young adult, all I thought was… “It’s just a big hole in the ground… nothing special.”  But now… I am simply awed being in it’s beautiful grandeur.
A good persepctive of the size of the Grand Canyon compared to several people standing on an outlook point.

Sometimes… all we have to do is sit back… enjoy the beauty of each situation because most of the time it reveals a masterpiece.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my experience through my photography.  Feel free to share if you like.  🙂

In Love & Light Always…
Carol ~Mama Owl~


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